Gaf Session, 1-10-09

Gaf Session 1-10-09

Session at Prospero’s Books

February 2017 at Prospero’s Books

Eddie D's Cafe, 2009 Eddie D's Cafe, session 2010 (2) Eddie's Cafe, Phillip, 2009 Eddie's Cafe, Rosemary 2009 Eddie's Cafe, Srevie 2008 Mike's Tavern, Dave Agee 3-5-13 Mike's Tavern, Jim and John Mike's Tavern, Mike and Nicki Joy 3-5-13 Mike's Westsider session 2010 Mike's Westsider, Eddie Mike's Westsider

Another KCITMS collage

01de51a073d83a34780c10f6c9c8c3f2460aa73faf019e560f39696f7740e56f4546d5a1b81bdd949b23KCIT012316c829337776f7fd55775589878e85b95e1981_00001MS Session Pics!

The old GAF

The ole’ GAF


KCITMS Collage

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