Welcome to Kansas City Irish Traditional Music Sessions!

This website is dedicated to all those who are currently part of the Kansas City Irish Traditional Music Sessions, those who have been part of it in the past, and those who want to be a part of it in the future. Every musician that has come out to play at the sessions has contributed to making our local sessions into such a vital part of this wonderful city.  Here’s an historical video: our session @ The Gaf Nov 2012

Let us know if there’s more you’d like to see or hear here. Hear, hear!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in playing Irish Traditional Music but you are not yet up to “session speed,” then you might check out slowplayers.org — my website for the Tune Learning Sessions in Kansas City, and other slowplay sessions around the world.

Eddie D's Cafe, session 2010This website is also for those visiting Kansas City who would like to come out to listen or to play. Take a look around. I’ve put up just a bit of info so far, including a brief history of ITM in KC.

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